Sweet, Sweet Family! (Panama City Beach Photographer)

This family was so cute!  I hated that Casey was in a cast and felt bad to ask him to walk around on the beach for the shoot, but he assured me he felt fine. I think he was just being nice which I’m sure Casey was appreciative of. No, I didn’t mistype when I wrote Casey twice, they both are named Casey, so it made it easy to remember.:-)The boys, Conner and Wyatt were especially entertaining.  I LOVE the faces they would make for me, you’ll see some in this slideshow. Rounding out the family is little Josie, what a sugarplum she was.  Enjoy!

August 5, 2010 - 10:57 pm

Casey Carlile - I adored our pictures… they were great!!! I am having troubles picking out the ones I want to order!! Thanks so much, you were great with my wild bunch!!

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